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He Makes Me Nervous


I have always been one of those girls that finds it very easy to strike up a conversation with a guy. Any guy. It comes easy to me, and other girls have mentioned it to me and told me that they were jealous of my ability to talk to guys. Literally, ever since middle school. They would say how they get all nervous and can't think of anything to say... Stuttering, the whole nine yards.

Most of my friends are guys. My closest, best friends in the world are female. But I only have a few. All the rest of the people that I spend time with on a daily basis are male. Heck, even my bosses and 75% of my coworkers are male! I have always found it easier to get along with guys than girls for some reason. But I'm not one of those catty girls that hates every other female, either. Far from it.

My point? I believe I have finally found a guy that makes me nervous. Now, don't get me wrong here. Looking back on our conversation tonight, I think I still handled myself pretty well. But I remember thinking to myself during our conversation, "Damn. This is how those girls must have felt!" I remember noticing that it was harder to form coherent sentences and thinking, "What's wrong with me?"

So this boy. He is a brother of a friend, and he is either nine or ten years older than me. I remember the first time I met him (I have only seen him three times...maybe tonight was the fourth time). He's tall, blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Very attractive, athletic build. When we first met, I remember thinking to myself, "I've never dated someone that much older than me, but I would date him." If he wasn't my friend's brother. Would that make it weird?

Well, I ran into him tonight. I was with a group of friends and so was he. I walked past him and immediately noticed him, but I wasn't sure if he recognized me so I didn't say anything. As my friends and I were walking back outside, we made eye contact and he immediately smiled and said hi to me. The rest of my friends kept walking outside and I probably stood there talking to him for a good 10-15 minutes. It was even a good conversation without any of those awkward silences. I hate those! But he was very nice and asked me a lot of questions like he was actually interested in what I had to say. And now he even knows about my two hobbies, which he seemed to be interested in. Oh and did I mention that he is a professional sports player? I won't divulge the specifics, but he will be on TV during either this weekend or next week. He told me that I better watch him on TV, which made me smile. I asked him when, so I could make sure to watch, and he told me that when he finds out he will relay that information through my friend/his sister.

I wonder if he's interested in me like that. He could just be being nice to me since I'm friends with his sister. I wonder if the age difference would bother him. I wonder if he's attracted to me at all. I could just be reading way too much into the situation. I could be reading way too much into the fact that he stood up to give me a hug, smiled while we were talking, and even gave me one of those charming little winks (with those gorgeous blue eyes of his) mid-conversation. He was probably just being polite and decided to throw a little charm in there as well.

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So? Has anything happened since the encounter?

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Funny you mention it. I was doing my friend (his sister) a favor yesterday and I ended up running into some issues. I was told that he was going to come help me... 3 hours later he never showed up. *shrug* I guess I'm not that important! She says he has a terrible memory (great!) so who knows. But I'm not gonna keep my hopes up for this one...

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So... What happened ?

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